ขาย เครื่องสแกนบาร์โค้ด Motorola barcode scanner LS3408 LS2208 DS9808 LS4278 ฯลฯ เครื่องอ่านบาร์โค้ด

ขาย เครื่องสแกนบาร์โค้ด Motorola barcode scanner LS3408 LS2208 DS9808 LS4278 ฯลฯ เครื่องอ่านบาร์โค้ด
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ขาย เครื่องสแกนบาร์โค้ด Motorola barcode scanner LS3408 LS2208 DS9808 LS4278 ฯลฯ เครื่องอ่านบาร์โค้ด

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- เครื่องพิมพ์บัตร บัตรพลาสติก (ID Card Printer) 
Barcode Scanner LS3408 
The LS3408-ER handheld corded scanner captures 1D bar codes in the harshest of conditions — even when labels are at varying distances. Featuring the widest working range available, it reads labels as far away as 45 feet and as close as .25 inches. 
Flexible working range 0.25” / 0.64 cm to 45 ft. / 13.7 m 
Improves user productivity 
Withstands multiple 6.5 ft. / 2 m drops to concrete; IP65 sealing 
Helps ensure maximum reliability in rough conditions 
Bright 650-nm laser aiming dot 
Delivers clearly visible line for more accurate scanning. 
Dual scan angle switches from standard to wide 
Offers fast, accurate bar code reading on menus and pick lists. 
Multiple on-board interfaces 
Ensures flexible connectivity, allowing for host "future proofing." 
Barcode Scanner LS2208 
The affordable LS2208 handheld bar code scanner provides fast, reliable scanning in an ergonomic, lightweight form. The durable working range — from near-contact to 17 inches — makes this device ideal for retail, hospital or warehouse settings. Multiple on-board interfaces ensure integration with a variety of host systems. 
Durable, single-board construction 
Meets stringent 5-ft drop tests. 
Scratch-resistant tempered glass exit window 
Is designed for continuous use. 
Accurate first-time capture of 1D bar codes 
Increased productivity, resulting in shorter check-out lines and better customer service. 
Wide working range 
Delivers optimal performance from contact to 17 in (43 cm). 
Multiple on-board interfaces 
Simplify installation and integration and ensures future compatibility. 
Barcode Scanner DS9808 
Innovative hybrid design 
Truly designed for ease of use for both hands-free and handheld scanning; dynamically switches between modes 
Comprehensive data capture: 1D, 2D and PDF417 symbologies; image capture; signature capture and RFID 
Delivers application flexibility; eliminates need for multiple devices — and associated costs; future proof — built-in support for the applications of tomorrow 
EAS compatible 
Enables automatic deactivation of EAS security tags 
Omni-directional scanning; wide working range, laser aiming pattern 
Easy to use; no need to align item and scanner; virtually no training required 
Withstands multiple 5 ft./1.5m drops to concrete 
Designed to endure the rigors of everyday use for maximum reliability and uptime and a low total cost of ownership 
Swipe speed programmable up to 100 inches/254 cm per second 
Optimized scanning speed delivers robust performance and accurate capture of a wide variety of bar codes 
Flexible working range 
Two models to best meet your working range requirements: DS9808-SR up to 10.5 inches/26.7 cm and DS9808-LR up to 18 inches/ 45.7 cm (in handheld mode) 
Symbol LS4278 Cordless General Purpose Bar Code Scanner 
The innovative Symbol LS4278 Bluetooth®-enabled cordless bar code scanner delivers superior data capture anywhere in the workplace. Its multi-line rastering pattern eliminates the need for exact aim, enabling scanning within a 50-ft (15-m) radius and allowing operator extra room to move. This laser handheld device excels in retail, healthcare or light industrial environments, boosting productivity and profitability. 
Integrated Bluetooth 
Ensures secure wireless transmission of data. 
Multi-line rastering scan pattern 
Eliminates the need for exact aim and positioning. 
Remote scanner management (RSM) 
Allows users to discover, provision and upgrade devices from a central remote location. 
Long-life industrial charging contacts 
Yield reliable performance, rated to 250,000+ insertions. 
Patented, single circuit-board 
Eliminating a major source of vulnerability and keeps down operating costs. 
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